I do not do same day bookings. If possible, please get in touch at least 4 days in advance.

Monday-Thursday: 8:30pm-10:30pm Location: varies by week, inquire directly

Fridays: 8:30pm-11:30pm Location: Tokyo and Yokohama

Saturdays: 10:30am-11:30pm Location: Tokyo and Yokohama

Sundays: 1pm-11:30pm Location: Tokyo and Yokohama

*I request a 3,000 JPY donation for cab fare for bookings in Yokohama past 11:30pm
*I request a 13,000 JPY donation for cab fare for bookings in Tokyo past 11:30pm


Fleeting Hotel Rendezvous

Need a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo? Join me in a brief but memorable escape from the buzz of the city! Allow me to smooth away all of your stress. 

1 Hour: 40,000 JPY
1.5 Hours: 50,000 JPY
2 Hours: 65,000 JPY
3 Hours: 85,000 JPY
Extension per Hour: 30,000 JPY

*Bookings around stations not located on the Keihin-Tohoku Line, Keikyu Line or Tokyu Toyoko Line will incur an extra fee of 2,000 JPY
*Dates in Tokyo that end later than 11:30pm require an extra 15,000 donation/10,000 for dates in Yokohama

Chaste Social Affair

A thrilling date out on the town! No private time.

2 Hours: 20,000 JPY
3 Hours: 30,000 JPY
*All date fees (such as dinner, tickets, etc) will be covered by the patron

Full Course Meal with Dessert

Entrée: 4 hours total (1 hour social time)

100,000 JPY

Savoureux: 6 hours total (2 hours social time)

150,000 JPY


All Evening Indulgence:

An overnight encounter starting after 7pm, totaling 12 hours of quality one on one time. Please allow at least 5 hours of beauty sleep to ensure a pleasant morning together.

250,000 JPY
*Limited to repeat clients of upstanding character.

Sunrise to Sunset Affair:

From morning until the last train, we spend a sensational sixteen hours entangled with one another. Whether you’d like to go out on the town before retiring somewhere more private, or crave a relaxing day in your hotel room; the choice is yours. (Highly limited booking, please inquire at least 2 weeks in advance)

400,000 JPY
*Limited to repeat clients of upstanding character.


Perhaps you’d like two beautiful women on either side of you. I provide encounters with other independent girls from TAG as well as any enthusiastic ladies in your life. Rates for ménage à trois are the same as individual time (plus the rate of the independent companion you invite along)!

If you would like to play with a girlfriend of yours please let me know in advance as restrictions may apply.


For dates longer than a day or Fly Me to You experiences please inquire by contact form. If there is something you desire that isn’t listed above, please let me know. Hopefully I can craft the perfect experience for you!