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  • The patronage donation amounts are non-negotiable.

  • I do not offer same day bookings; please try to make a date at least 4 days in advance

  • Please have an envelope with the appropriate amount prepared. It can either be given to me upon meeting, or be left in a visible spot in the hotel room. Donations must be made before anything else can happen.

  • I am screened every month and value my health; I highly encourage you get tested before our encounter.

  • I live in Yokohama, and although I love coming to Tokyo, it is often a 2+ hour round trip commute. This can make scheduling a bit difficult; if you’d like to see me as soon as possible I recommend dates around the following stations: Yokohama, Kawasaki, Naka-meguro and Shinagawa.

  • I am not a full time provider and maintain a professional life beyond the bedroom. Therefore discretion is not preferred; it is VITAL. Please do not ask personal questions about my education history, work life etc.

  • Conversely, please feel free to share as many details about yourself as you are comfortable with. I am very committed to protecting your information and would love the chance to get to know more about you!


  • I do not offer backdoor play (giving or receiving) due to health reasons.

  • I do not offer PSE

  • I take pride in my ability to provide a warm and sensual girlfriend experience. I do not enjoy any form of rough play. This includes but is not limited to: being marked (biting/hard spanking), hair pulling, being slapped, and so on.