With dark wavy locks that frame a soft, glowing face I rarely go outside without attracting several glances. An exotic mix of Northern European and East Asian I possess a strikingly unique image. I’m barely 5 feet tall, petite as they come with delicate features and a warm personality. However, don’t be deceived by my diminutive stature; a hot tenacity burns beneath my docile facade.

Graduate of a prestigious American liberal arts college, I’m a professional by day, passionate lover by night. I became interested in these types of ventures not out of necessity but out of genuine interest. I have a full time job that I enjoy; my moonlighting is a craft. To say that I am confident in my sexuality would be an understatement; I truly delight in using my body and mind to satisfy desires. I am a new face to the companion world but enthusiastic to learn and improve every day.

It brings me great pleasure to live a rich and stimulating lifestyle outside of our sessions, which means I have many other commitments. For this reason, I am a low volume provider and usually require 4 days advanced notice for a booking. If I decide to set a date with you, it is because I have determined that you are particularly charming and I genuinely want to meet with you. My screening process is quite strict. If we meet it is because I am excited to get intimate.

Discretion and protection of personal information are tantamount. I keep everything between us behind closed doors and expect the same of you. If you are looking for something quick and detached I recommend trying elsewhere. Warmth, skin-on-skin contact and a genuine connection are what I specialize in. A girlfriend without all of the drama is what you will get during our time together

During my downtime I enjoy creative writing, studying economics, playing video games and modelling. I exercise regularly to maintain a nice physique. I am fluent in Japanese and hope to study Korean and German as well. I keep up with current events and can converse about a variety of topics.